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          Reliable partnership

          AIAG Authorized Supply Chain Partner: Largest authorized AIAG business partner in Supply Chain training and implementation and authorized all the critical Quality Core Tools in China.

          Implementation Track Record: Experienced SDEs/SQEs for on-site Development, Monitoring, Control, Implementation and Containment. Main customers: Ag/Construction and Auto companies. Operational complexity from job shop to continuous flow manufacturing.

          Automotive and Off-Road Experiences: Understand Automotive OEMs’ (high volume) and Off-Road (low volume & high complexity) performance requirements and supply chain development.

          Quality Experiences: Full knowledge and understanding in Quality core tools and Lean fundamentals.

          Supply Chain Experiences: Purchasing knowledge and hands-on experiences in Purchasing and Quality in Automotive industry.

          International Experiences: International experiences in cross-country and cross-culture background.

          Office locations * Main office location

          • * Oxford

          • Ann Arbor

          • Los Angeles

          • * Shanghai

          • Beijing

          • Tianjin

          • Taipei